About the Clinic

Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin is a medical clinic with a supportive team dedicated to serving women facing unplanned pregnancy and sexual health issues.  We educate you on unbiased abortion information, and professional medical services. We equip you with option consultations, resources, and support. We empower you to make an informed decision about your unplanned pregnancy and reproductive health.

Our Commitment to Privacy

We recognize the sensitive and private nature of your health decisions and work hard to protect that privacy. We take the utmost caution to protect your patient records, recognizing that they belong to you, not to us. We store your records securely and will not release any of your information prior to your written consent.


Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin is 100 % Donor Funding and does not benefit financially from any choice you make. Our supportive team provides free, professional care to each patient in a warm, private atmosphere. We are committed to patient care that is free, confidential, and compassionate.