An unexpected pregnancy can be a difficult thing to face, but talking to someone about your fears and concerns can make things much clearer. Our advocates provide accurate information about your pregnancy options, including abortion. There are different types of abortions and various risks associated with each.

Before deciding what to do with your pregnancy, we encourage you to find the answers to these questions in order to have the right information about your pregnancy and abortion information to help you figure out the option that is right for you:

  1. Is the pregnancy viable?
    A positive pregnancy test is not necessarily the end of the story. In fact, one in five pregnancies end before 7 weeks due to natural processes beyond a woman’s control, such as miscarriage. Before making a decision about your pregnancy or abortion options, you should first be sure that the pregnancy is viable. 1 You may find out that an abortion is not needed.
  2. How far along am I?
    The gestational age determines which abortion procedures you may undergo and give your information about your abortion options. The type of procedure impacts the cost of the pregnancy termination and the potential side effects. Gestational age can most accurately be determined through an ultrasound.
  3. Do I have an STD?
    An untreated STD (sexually transmitted disease) jeopardizes a woman’s health by increasing her risk of infection and complications related to reproductive health. Having an STD can affect your abortion options. Before seeking abortion information, find out whether or not you have an STD.

Are you considering having an abortion, or would you like more information about your abortion options? Schedule an appointment for a free consultation at Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin to learn valuable and unbiased abortion information. We are here to help you through your unplanned pregnancy.